Analyst Relations

Why is it necessary to communicate with industry analysts?

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What do industry analysts do?

Industry analysts research, write about and comment upon a particular market and how it will evolve.

Buyers of analyst intelligence include government and regulators (to inform government strategy); technology-related companies (to aid strategic planning, partnering, etc); end users of technology (to inform purchasing decisions); investors (to aid investment decisions); media (to support a story); and so on. 

Thus industry analysts have a large circle of influence. 


What type of analysts are there?

Different analysts cover different markets. For example, a country analyst could examine a national market (eg to what extent the Chinese market is adopting different types of technology). Or a vertical analyst who scrutinises the banking market, for example, would have an understanding of which type of technologies are being adopted within this vertical market. Or a horizontal analyst could scrutinise the market for a product, service or solution (eg security software, for example).

Whilst some vertical and horizontal analysts will have a particular geographical remit for their research, eg North America only or Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) only, the majority will have a worldwide research remit.

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Analyst Relations Strategy

Drilling down from corporate strategy and, thus, corporate communications strategy, crafting an analyst relations strategy is key to success.

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Analyst Relations Training

Aimed at those in analyst-facing roles, Analysing Analysts is an intensive one-day training course.

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Spokesperson Training

A briefing session between a company spokesperson and an industry analyst is a critical interaction...

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