Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), English journalist, poet, and novelist

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Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), English journalist, poet, and novelist

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Michelle Spencer, McAfee

Michelle Spencer

Head of International PR, McAfee
I first met Kim Crosby when I attended one of her analyst relations training courses. I was so impressed with her knowledge in this field that I subsequently employed Kim as an analyst relations consultant. She is a totally professional person and an absolute expert in her field.
Ian Mapp

Ian Mapp

former Head of Marketing, CDC Respond
The technology analyst companies are an important community of influencers for software vendors. Knowing how to build and maintain relationships with them is a very particular skill. The content and pace of the CustomerClix training course are perfectly suited to kick-starting that process. Kim’s insider knowledge means that you learn fast, and her relaxed style means it is good fun too. The small group size also ensured lots of shared stories and lively discussions. An extremely valuable introduction to Analyst Relations, and time well spent.
The Analysing Analysts training course is fabulously interactive - which is very rewarding. Learn by doing.
Delivered with great style and made the day informative and memorable.
I met my expectations and I'm very happy.
Thanks for an excellent course, great fun and very informative.
Excellent... interactive sessions were very helpful.
Very informative, very enjoyable. Gave a good insight from the analyst's viewpoint. Provides a good framework and approach to analyst relations.
It was a very helpful course. overall rating excellent.
A really useful session providing not only a basic introduction to analyst relations but discussing how relationships can be built with each analyst. The course drilled down to talk about how each industry analyst company likes to be dealt with and how they prefer to be contacted.
Very informative, the course has effectively demystified this area for me.
I learnt a great deal from the training course and I refer to the course booklet as my bible. The course is interactive and thought provoking and really helped us to get a handle on how industry analysts fit into an overall communications programme that we deliver to our clients. Two of my colleagues were able to extend a two day press tour to three days by targeting the right analysts, to the delight of our client! PR Agent